Practical Business Email Tips for Effective Communication

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In any business, whether it’s an office setting or a retail or restaurant space, effective and efficient communication is a cornerstone of successful and smooth operations. Follow these practical tips to improve your team’s communication skills through email.

CC Everyone Relevant – Keeping your office communications transparent is a good way to ensure accountability. If you cc (or bcc for client facing emails) all relevant people to the issue at hand, everyone will be on the same page and you won’t have to revisit the same topic with five different people individually.

But Not Everyone, Everyone – The key point is to know who is relevant to the issue. Don’t include people who will not benefit from or contribute to the exchange. If you are not certain if someone might be relevant, err on the side of caution and include them. Being more informed is rarely worse than being uninformed.

Using your best judgement in the case of group emails boils down to the question “Who needs to know this?” It will take practice to get it right, but for effective team communication it is a good idea to keep as many people in the loop as possible.

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By M1 Core Traction

July 14, 2020