Great People Make Great Businesses: Hiring and Recognizing Talent

Hiring Great Employees for Your Business

One aspect of the EOS Model is “People.” By surrounding yourself with great people from the top position of your company to the lower ranks and entry level positions, you can achieve success and fulfill your business’s vision.

The key to getting great people is to find the right person for the right position in your company. This can be achieved one of two ways: getting lucky and becoming adaptable. It’s really difficult to tell through the regular hiring process whether you will find an employee that will be a good fit for your company and the position at hand. It’s possible to get very lucky and find the “golden ticket” employee, but it is quite rare.

On the other hand, you will often hire someone for reasons that may not necessarily make them the best fit for the position they are meant to fill. In that case, tailoring a position to fit the person’s skillsets as they evolve or training an inexperienced employee to fit the current needs of the company can be your best option for making sure that you have great people in your business.

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By M1 Core Traction

September 8, 2020